How does it work?

The way in which it works is very simple: in Karma1 two types of accounts can be created, either as a normal user or as an inventor.

Both types of users can follow technologies, vote, participate in the forums, etc. but only the inventors can publish their technologies.

The news updates are published on the platform’s homepage, as the inventors publish their technologies or updates about each one of them. The news updates are published on the main homepage and on the specific page in each section, classified in accordance with the Karmas o Ks, which indicate the technology’s development stage.

Each technology’s fact sheet includes a timeline in which the progress, updates and any other relevant information which the inventor wants to share can be published.

Please keep in mind that in certain sectors, such as biotechnology, the interests of the most interested people who could be other investigators or businesses, etc. do not necessarily coincide with the interests of the mass end-users on the internet. Therefore, the fact that technologies are not widely followed does not necessarily mean that they are not interesting or innovative enough but that maybe they have a more specialized profile or one that is less well known to the general public.


An inventor user’s account allows you to publish a technology completely free and in a section. If you would like to publish more than one, sign-up to our Premium account which allows you to publish up to four technologies during a year.

Give a brief description of your technology and indicate which are the most innovative elements and make it different from existing solutions.

There will be occasions in which a technology could be published in various sections, for example in “software” and in “health”. Our advice is that you publish your technology in the section which you consider would be most valuable for your project or the one which is aimed and the solution it gives.

Apart from the above, the platform’s search menu can find technologies with the names of inventors or with key words. In order to make it work, always indicate some key words related with your technology in the section “tags” on your home screen and you can include them in any language. Key words are vital in order to be able to search for your technology on the platform and they will help us in future developments to position your technology and to connect you to the sectors which are most interested in it. .

Make it visual, include a photo, if it can’t be of the technology itself, of something related to it, or indicate the sector which it is aimed at or even the logo of your organization or business.

Remember, that we are visual, we can remember even the most technical project with an image associated to it. Also if it is possible, the best thing to do is to publish an explanatory or demonstrative video of your project.

Use the timeline; it is a fantastic tool to publish in real time the progress of your development, or the new updates related to it. You can also use it in order to publish financial, personal or any other type of needs that may arise during your project’s development.

Remember that your inventor’s account allows you to interact with the same functions that a normal user’s account has.

If you would like to publish more than four technologies or if you have any other type of needs please contact us at: info@karma1.com and we will search for a suitable solution for you.


With a user’s account you will be able to follow any technology and you will also have direct access in your account to the technologies you are following. If any change in their evolution was to take place, you will receive an email notifying you about it.

Any user can of course use the search engine in order to find technologies with key words and with the project’s creator.

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